Studio Policies

Private Voice/Piano Lessons:
30 Minutes:       $30.00
45 Minutes:       $45.00
60 Minutes:      $55.00

Lesson fees are due on the first lesson of each month, for the entire month.


“Working with Nadia has been a great experience for me. Within a few months I could already hear a drastic improvement in my singing. She was a wonderful teacher and taught me to do things I never could have done without her. I learned a lot from her expertise and thoroughly enjoyed our lesson time together.” – Norilynne

“Nadia is an amazing teacher, she adapts well to her students’ level and interests. She pushes you to give your best with advice and constant positive feedback to enhance your self confidence. She is very flexible and understanding.”- Estelle

“I started taking vocal lessons with Nadia about a year ago. Since then I’ve learned so much, from breathing techniques to proper control over my voice. The thing I love about her lessons is that she teaches you everything you need to know about voice. Shes’ hardworking and is very dedicated to help her students.” – Cordell

“Having Nadia as my singing teacher had to be the best decision I’ve made. Not only is she patient, but she helps tweak exercises that she’s used to help fit with what I’m struggling with. Every lesson brings something new to light and it’s very rewarding to see how much she cares about her students’ needs.” – Nina

“I’ve always loved singing, and I have spent years trying to develop my skills. At this stage in my vocal journey, I feel incredibly fortunate to have Nadia Petrella as an instructor. Nadia is an outstanding teacher who has really been able to unlock, encourage, and challenge my singing abilities. Under her tutelage over the past year and more, I’ve become a better and better singer than I’d ever been before. Nadia constantly asks me to continue growing, but she is not shy about sharing her own experiences. Her praise, neither seldom nor overdone, always feels earned based on the work she inspires me to do. She’s flexible in the many ways she coaxes me, allowing my voice to develop in a way both similar and dissimilar to her own journey. She knows from her own experiences a great deal while still having enough wisdom to understand that each instrument is unique. Her own talent as a singer should also not go unmentioned; Nadia is very gifted, and her voice is gorgeous, to say the least. I am pleased to call her a teacher and friend.” – Sarah